Premier Physical Therapy offers "The Hands-on-Approach" to treating, healing, and preventing injuries and disabilities to improve the quality of your life.

Cape Girardeau Physical Therapy


Therapy associated with the shoulder, knee, foot & ankle, arthritis, hip problems, pre and post surgical and several sports injuries.


Therapy associated with neck or back pain. Premier uses manual techniques and hands-on treatment for these issues.


Hand therapy specialists treat injuries from the elbow to the hand, including custom splinting, traumatic injuries, wrist pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.


Water improves motion and flexibility. The warmth of the water and its massaging effects allow muscles to relax while helping to reduce pain.


This form of therapy uses the principles of sport and exercise science, focused on getting athletes back to the top of their game.


Premier Work Solutions, a branch of Premier Physical Therapy, offers the right tools for on the job injuries to help get employees back to work.

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