What People Are Saying About Premier

  • Amber BeardAmber Beard

    Staff at Premier are friendly and helpful! Very pleased with my experience under their care.

  • Barb ElfrinkBarb Elfrink

    Premier Rehab has been my physical therapy center for two separate injuries now. I highly recommend everyone to go there. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to work with. The Jackson location and the Advance location have serviced my family and we have had great results.

  • Sylvia StorckSylvia Storck

    Great personalized care at this small but happy PT clinic. I have been their numerous times for various ailments. They are always willing to work with my need to learn what I need to continue my therapy at home due to my minimal PT insurance coverage.

  • Kayla HuffmanKayla Huffman

    Premier Physical Therapy has helped me many times over the last 12 years in many different areas. I had hand therapy with Donna numerous times with exceptional success. Also I have just finished back therapy with Brandon that worked wonders for me. The therapists at Premier are very professional and have much knowledge of the many fields of their job. I recommend Premier as the best place to have therapy. They make you feel very comfortable and are very friendly.

  • Pris MabucePris Mabuce

    I broke my wrist in multiple locations October 2018. I am in my mid 60s so I knew recovery would be challenging. However with Donna Goodson being on my team I recovered well and in record time. Donna knew I would push myself and cautioned me to be careful. I was and as a result have almost reached 100%. Thank you Premier and thank you Donna!!

What Doctors Have to Say About Premier

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Premier Patient Statistics

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Our Vision

“To glorify God in everything we do by being a positive influence to all we serve. To improve the quality of life for the masses. To promote the beliefs, values, and standards of our faith and our profession.”

At Premier Physical Therapy, our expert Physical Therapists will provide you with a personalized plan that will constantly be adjusted based on your progress. Are you ready to finally feel pain relief?


Therapy associated with the shoulder, knee, foot & ankle, arthritis, hip problems, pre and post surgical and several sports injuries.


Therapy associated with neck or back pain. Premier uses manual techniques and hands-on treatment for these issues.


Hand therapy specialists treat injuries from the elbow to the hand, including custom splinting, traumatic injuries, wrist pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.


Water improves motion and flexibility. The warmth of the water and its massaging effects allow muscles to relax while helping to reduce pain.


This form of therapy uses the principles of sport and exercise science, focused on getting athletes back to the top of their game.


Premier Work Solutions, a branch of Premier Physical Therapy, offers the right tools for on the job injuries to help get employees back to work.

Want to get back to life? Start here!

Premier Physical Therapy offers "The Hands-on-Approach" to treating, healing, and preventing injuries and disabilities to improve the quality of your life. We know that the road can be long and frustrating when recovering from an injury. You want a partner in your physical therapy who cares as much about getting you back to your life as you do. Let us be your partner in getting back to life.