Nowadays, it seems like every day of the year is devoted to a ridiculous, fabricated day. Have you heard of Run Up The Flagpole And See If Anyone Salutes Day? Yes, that’s an actual day that falls on January 2nd. How about No Socks Day on May 8th? Or National Cream-Filled Donut Day on September 14th. Yum!

Then there are days that truly recognize hard-working individuals who give their all in an effort to improve the lives of others. One such day is World Physical Therapy Day that takes place every year on September 8th. In addition, National Rehabilitation Awareness Week runs from September 16-22 of this year. At Premier Physical Therapy, we value this day and this week for two reasons: First, because they highlight the important contribution of our profession. Second, because they allow people to appreciate the tremendous benefits that physical therapy provides.

To give you a better understanding of the vast benefits that physical therapy provides, we’ve included four reasons why people need physical therapy below. However, words can only go so far. It’s only when you FINALLY get out of bed in the morning and there’s zero back pain… or when your carpal tunnel syndrome doesn’t make you want to cry as you’re typing a short email… or when you can run a half marathon after battling a nagging knee injury for months… that’s the moment you get it. That’s when you appreciate the day and week dedicated to our world.

Reason #1: Physical Therapy Helps You To Avoid Surgery

Nobody likes going “under the knife”. While it’s true that surgery can repair an injury, it’s not without risks. Not only can surgery make a bad situation even worse, it’s one of today’s most costly medical treatments. Plus, even if the surgery is a success, you’re looking at many weeks or months of recovery. Rather than assume the risks and expense of surgery (not to mention the overpriced post-surgery medication with possible side effects), physical therapy provides a more natural approach to your body’s healing. No knife, no pills and at a fraction of the cost. Rather than succumb to surgery, check out Premier’s 5 Star Plan for treating pain.

Reason #2: Physical Therapy Helps You Recover From A Sports Injury

As great as physical activity can be for your health, injuries from sports are quite common for both children and adults. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as sitting on the sideline because you have a nagging injury. Whether it’s as serious as an ACL tear or as minor as a pulled muscle, your Premier physical therapist has a proven program to help you gain strength, mobility and pain-free movement. Whether you wish to prevent future injuries or heal an existing sports injury, Premier has the professionals, experience, technology and tools to get you back in the game.

Reason #3: Physical Therapy Improves Your Mobility

Walking. Standing. When we are young, we take it for granted. Then, as we age or if we endure an accident later in life, simply standing up and walking across the room can become difficult and even painful. Thankfully, the team at Premier Physical Therapy has the tools and techniques to increase your strength and improve your mobility. It starts by gaining a sense of balance so you prevent injuring yourself by falling. Then, with proven stretching and strengthening exercises, you restore your ability to move. Consider Premier’s one-on-one guidance to enhance your own mobility or to benefit someone you care about.

Reason #4: Physical Therapy Improves Use of Your Hands

You never realize just how often you use your hands until you are restricted. When the simple act of shaking hands makes you fearful. Or browsing social media is painful. When driving, cooking, crafts and simple household chores can bring tears to your eyes, it’s time to consider hand therapy. Our Certified Hand Therapist treats today’s most common ailments, including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, tendon injuries, nerve injuries, repetitive motion injuries and even hands that have been crushed. Discover what our Certified Hand Therapist can do to for your pain.

These are simply four of the MANY ways physical therapists can help you to heal. Among the physical therapists in Cape Girardeau and the surrounding area, only Premier Physical Therapy offers a 5-Star Plan to help relieve your pain and get you back to life. Back to what you love. Go ahead, meet the Premier Team — the best physical therapists in Southeast Missouri.