4 Easy Home Exercises

December 6, 2017By DennisOther

Exercises You Can Do From the Comfort of Your Home Whether you are currently receiving physical therapy or simply looking to strengthen your body, exercising at home is a great way to prevent future injury and retain your mobility. Here are four exercises you can try at home: Squats (Lower Extremity Exercise) Squats are a … Read More

10 Tips to Relieve Joint Pain

November 10, 2017By DennisOther

Try these tips for 30 days for less pain in the knees If you are suffering from a pain in your joints, the cause of this pain is likely due to inflammation. By reducing the inflammation in your joints, you will lower your potential for pain. Try these 10 tips every day for the next … Read More

5 Reasons to Try Hand Therapy

October 1, 2017By DennisHand Therapy

Hand therapy is ideal for patients who have conditions affecting the hands and upper extremities. Whether it’s a work-related injury, a condition that has happened over time, chronic pain, or a result of trauma, hand therapy benefits many types of people. When you receive hand therapy treatment at Premier Physical Therapy, you’re taken care of … Read More

Benefits of Hand Therapy

September 18, 2017By DennisHand Therapy

The Art and Science of Healing Hands Our hands aren’t very big, but they have a lot of complex components that require care and attention. Hand therapy offers our patients many benefits. Hand Therapists evaluate and treat injuries and conditions associated with our upper extremity (shoulder, elbow, forearm, wrist, and hand). A Certified Hand Therapist uses … Read More

How Aquatic Therapy Can Benefit You

August 1, 2017By DennisAquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy—What it is and why it works. When you think of aquatic therapy, what image comes to mind? Some people might think of swimming pools and ladies wearing swim caps doing leg lifts in the shallow end. That’s not exactly the same thing. At Premier Physical Therapy, aquatic therapy is a focused, specialized form … Read More