If you’re like most people, you have your typical medical regimen. You go to your general practitioner for your annual checkup. You visit your dentist for your twice-a-year cleaning. Ladies, hopefully you pay your doctor a visit for an annual exam. Men, maybe your wives “force” you to go to your doctor. Then, of course, many of us visit a chiropractor when needed and possibly check out the eye doctor for a new prescription.

Through habit, by need, and yes, even a little because of marketing, we visit these practices monthly, semi-annually or annually. But far too many people mistakenly think they only need to see a physical therapist AFTER they are injured in an accident, have broken a bone or have a neurological disorder.

There are multiple reasons to consider working with a physical therapist. First, they are professionally qualified to help you heal from an injury or treat existing pain.

Second, physical therapists have the knowledge and training to get to the REAL cause of your pain or problem. Have you ever gone to your regular doctor or chiropractor, received treatment, only to have the pain or ailment reappear even worse than before? Not only might they be missing the root of your problem, they might be sacrificing your long-term health.

Finally, today many people are visiting a physical therapist simply to PREVENT future problems. From improving posture and mobility to performing better in sports to preventing injuries to joints, bones and muscles, physical therapy rounds out these common medical practices.

At Premier Physical Therapy, patients come see us for a whole host of reasons. Yes, many have injuries or neurological afflictions that need our specialized care. Others are trying everything they can to avoid costly and risky surgery. Many of our patients are young. Even children, teenagers or college-aged kids. We also have patients who are 80 years old and older. The point is, physical therapy should never be labeled. Men and women, young and old, healthy or recovering, everybody could benefit from physical therapy.

What about YOU? Should you consider physical therapy? Here are a few reasons why you should:

Physical Therapy Helps You Manage (Even Eliminate) Pain

The proven techniques and therapeutic exercises of physical therapy can help mobilize your joints and soft tissue while restoring muscle function. It can also reduce chronic aches. Too often, patients falsely believe physical therapy takes a long time to work its magic. While every case is different, many of our patients say they are pain-free after just a few visits!

Physical Therapy Can Help You To Avoid Surgery

Of course, not all surgery can be avoided. However, we’ve been able to provide remarkable results for our patients. Physical therapy can help heal injured tissue, ligament, tendon, muscle, or joint as well as improve mobility without needing to go under the knife. If you have a back problem, knee, shoulder, or foot injury, consider physical therapy first before enduring the long-term pain, recovery and massive expense of a surgery. If you must have surgery, physical therapy is often offered prior to surgery to help increase strength to help after surgery and to provide pain management. After surgery it can help speed up your recovery and even improve your results!

Physical Therapy Helps Prevent Injuries

Naturally, we don’t have a crystal ball. We can’t predict which bone you’ll break next or which muscle you may tear. However, our physical therapy team uses their tools and vast training, to accurately pinpoint any skeletal or muscular weaknesses. From there, we prescribe an exercise regimen to better target those weak areas. Over time, you gain strength throughout your body so that next fall is minor instead of a huge problem.

Physical Therapy Also Improves Mobility and Balance

Standing and walking are gifts that most of us take for granted. That is until we have an accident, injury or neurological episode that restricts our movement. Thankfully, the exercises that Premier offers can help to restore mobility. Not only will you gain strength, you’ll gain confidence that you can move like your younger self!

Those are a few of the reasons why you should consider seeing a physical therapist. Of course, there are also ample reasons why the physical therapist you choose should reside at Premier Physical Therapy. First, you’ll love our Premier 5-Star Plan for treating plan. It works! Second, our therapists are among the most highly trained and comforting you’ll find in the area. Third, we see most patients within 24 hours. Yes, you no longer have to live days or weeks with that pain. Finally, even if you don’t have a doctor’s script, we can help you get a script! Go ahead, meet the Premier Team — the best physical therapists in Southeast Missouri.