When Medication and Rest Isn’t Enough, it’s Time to Choose Physical Therapy.Where You Go For Physical Therapy Is Your Choice!

If you’re like most people, when pain and discomfort strikes, you schedule an appointment and have a conversation with your doctor. This is where we want to help you! Check out these key points below about How to Have the “Talk”, Physical Therapy is Your Choice, What to Consider When Making Your Choice for Physical Therapy, and Why Premier is the Right Choice.

How to Have the “Talk” About Physical Therapy with Your Doctor
After you’ve tried medication and rest and you’re still in pain and/or discomfort, you need to schedule a follow-up appointment with your doctor. That’s when it’s the right time for you or your doctor to bring up the idea of physical therapy. While medication and rest are effective at temporarily relieving some pain, physical therapy takes a different approach. Your physical therapy program’s goal is to identify the root of your problem, so that you not only relieve the pain and discomfort, but that you also don’t have a recurring issue. It’s the most effective way to getting you back to full strength and doing the things you love again.

To get your physical therapy program started, you simply need to tell your doctor: “I want to go to Physical Therapy.” Your doctor can write a prescription that serves as a recommendation for your physical therapy program. Programs can range from orthopedic, spine, hand, and foot to aquatic, industrial and sports therapy.

The Choice Is Yours
Now that your decision to take that next step has been made, your doctor will ask you where you’d like to go to start your physical therapy program. It’s important to realize that while he or she may make suggestions, this choice is 100% yours. Where to go to physical therapy is your choice! If you’re not sure of where you’d like to go, you have the option to tell your doctor you’d like to visit a couple physical therapy offices first to make sure you go to the best place for you. Knowing that your program could last weeks or months, you should take your time in making this decision based on the factors that matter to you most.

What To Consider When Making Your Physical Therapy Choice
The Staff: Are the physical therapists fully trained and reputable? Are they specialized and experienced in serving patients with your unique needs?

The Location and Hours: Keep in mind, you may be going to therapy two or three times per week. You’ll want to choose an office that has convenient hours, and one that is an easy stop before or after work, or close to your home.

The Services Offered: Not every physical therapy office is the same. Some specialize in orthopedic and spinal injuries. Others specialize in sports injuries. You’ll want to make sure they’ll be able to serve you.

Patient Recommendations: Be sure to check out online reviews, and ask around to find out where your friends, family and coworkers have found relief and positive results with a physical therapy program.

Why Premier Physical Therapy Could be the Right Choice For You
If you live in the Southeast Missouri area, you should consider Premier Physical Therapy. We are experts in creating a personalized, 5-star plan to relieve your pain, restore your strength, and get you back to 100%. We specialize in a variety of physical therapy approaches and services, ranging from orthopedic and spine to hand and sports injuries. In fact, 85% of area doctors have said that their first choice for where to send their family would be Premier.

One more advantage is that we’re always ready to accept new patients and our goal is to see you within 24 hours.

As you make your decision for where to go for physical therapy, remember that physical therapy is your choice. We encourage you to get to know the Premier team and check out reviews from our current and former patients. Once you get to know Premier and what we can do for you, all you have to do next is tell your doctor, “Send me to Premier!”