You Don’t Have to Put up with PAIN.

Are you struggling with pain? Everyone experiences pain at some point – whether from an injury, post-surgical pain or everyday wear and tear on the joints or back. Call us today and see how we can help you with your pain.


Our Proven, 5-Star Plan to Relieve Your Pain

At Premier, we pride ourselves on delivering a 5-star experience from start to finish. Our 5-Star plan includes thorough examinations, personal treatment plans, one-on-one treatment sessions, progress surveys and preventative measures for the future. You deserve 5-star physical therapy, so tell your doctor to send you to Premier!

You don’t have to suffer from pain – there is a way to get relief. And remember, the pain you feel is the body’s way of telling you something is wrong. The longer you wait to treat it, the worse it will become. So take your first step toward relief today and give us a call.

The Premier 5-Star Plan

What You Get:

1You Will Learn the Cause of Your Pain

Years of advanced training at the highest level allows our therapists to give you a one-of-a-kind thorough examination. Our goal is to give you a specific diagnosis. Having accurate information about your condition allows us to better communicate with you and your healthcare provider. Knowing more about you and your condition empowers us to deliver the best possible care and get to the real cause of your pain.

2You Will Receive a Personalized Treatment Plan

We understand that the same treatment may not be for everyone. After your thorough examination, we will develop a treatment plan that is personalized just for you to eliminate your pain and improve your function. Your plan will be unique to your current condition, your abilities, your goals, and your schedule.

3You Will Receive One-on-One Care

This is where Premier shines. We believe your physical therapist should be someone you trust and feel comfortable with ⎼ someone who cares about your health, answers your questions and gets you results. We pride ourselves in having a friendly, family-like atmosphere with the most highly skilled and trained therapists.

4Your Program Will be Adjusted Based on Your Progress

We will periodically conduct progress surveys and obtain feedback from you. These surveys ensure you’re progressing on your road to recovery and reaching your goals. If not, we will adjust your treatment and address any roadblocks keeping you from seeing results. Our goal is that you reach your full potential throughout your treatment.

5You Will Receive Ongoing Support to Stay Pain Free

We think big picture. We give you the tools you need to prevent future injuries and pain. These tools can include patient education, home exercises, nutritional advice and tips you can use every day to feel great, promote overall health and avoid future problems.

Ready for your own 5-Star healing experience? Tell your physician you want to go to Premier. Once you have your script, call us at 573-335-7868.

Don’t have a doctor’s script? We’re here to help! Call our Script Help Line at 573-837-1234 and we’ll walk you through the process, step by step.