Recommendations for Joint Pain/Arthritis 30-Day Challenge

Stay hydrated and help detox your body

  • Drink 1 oz of water per half your body weight per day. (Example: If you weigh 150 pounds drink 75 ounces of water per day.)
  • Add lemon if available. Spread out consumption over the course of the day/night.
  • Try to avoid carbonated or flavored water (acidic in nature).
  • Water consumption will need to be increased if excessive sweating occurs due to exercise or being in the heat.

Avoid excessive consumption of foods and drinks that cause an “acidic” response in the body as they can harmful to joints and bones.

  • Google “acidic forming food list” and limit food/drinks that cause an acidic response in the body. Acid attacks joints (cartilage) and bones (can cause osteoporosis also).
  • Focus on eating “alkaline” foods from your list, but never eat them by themselves.
  • Examples of acidic foods are carbonated beverages, fruit juices, sugar, excessive dairy, processed foods, excessive red meat, white flour, soft drinks, beer, cigarettes (and tobacco products), excessive bread and cereals, and excessive “white” pasta.

Keep sugar consumption minimal

  • Avoid excessive consumption of food/drinks that have high sugar content or convert to sugar quickly such as highly refined or processed food.
  • Google “glycemic index” and print off a list of food/drinks, follow the food/drinks that have a “low or moderate” glycemic index. Avoid high glycemic index items.
  • NOTE: all diabetics should follow the glycemic index and avoid high glycemic index items to avoid “spikes” in their blood sugar levels.

Avoid artificial sweeteners (Aspartame, Splenda/Sucralose, Saccharin/Sweet’N Low)

  • Use Stevia when possible.
  • Artificial sweeteners cause an acidic response that can be bad for joints and bones.

Use the supplement MSM (organic sulfur) for joint health

  • Can reduce inflammation and get oxygen to cells (promotes healing).
  • Best “absorbed” by taking the powder form. Take 1/2 teaspoon, 2x per day with water.
  • MSM is sometimes also used as an ingredient in other joint health products that contain glucosamine and chondroitin.

Take a daily vitamin

  • Avoid hard tablets and choose liquid, gummies, or capsules (soft) when available (hard tablets have a lower absorption rate).
  • Balanced Essentials and Nature’s Plus are examples of liquid vitamins (highest absorption rate).

The Choice is in Your Hands

You don’t have to live with joint pain any longer. If you’re suffering today, before you take another pill, we encourage you to call a physical therapist. At Premier Physical therapy, we can often see you as soon as the next day. Our trained professionals have dedicated their lives to understanding and treating pain, and they have helped hundreds of patients reach their goal of a pain-free lifestyle. Give us a call at 573-335-7868 and our experienced team can help.


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